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Differences Between Actor Network Theory And Social Construction Sociology Essay

Contrasts Between Actor Network Theory And Social Construction Sociology Essay Here are barely any contrasts between Actor Network Theory and Social development of innovation that I found from different experts perspective. To begin with, I might want to write down the fundamental distinction between Actor arrange hypothesis and the hypothesis of social development of innovation. Entertainer organize hypothesis (ANT) thinks about both specialized determinism and social determinism, for example it doesn't stay by the possibility that innovation shapes the general public or the general public shapes the innovation (latour, Reassembling the social: a prologue to entertainer arrange hypothesis, 2005). Social Construction of innovation (SCOT) hypothesis follows the thoughts that innovation is risen up out of the social cooperation of social gathering, which can be called social determinism. (Klein, H. K. Kleinman, D. L., 2002) Both of these hypotheses include members in procedure of forming the system or in molding the result, known as Actors. Entertainers associated with ANT are people and non-people which are dealt with similarly as detachment between the two are troublesome, as it can't be said who assumed the significant job. (latour,1997). The on-screen characters engaged with SCOT are the Relevant Social gathering which incorporates individuals having a similar enthusiasm for forming the innovative curio (Bijker, Hughes, Pinch, 1989). On-screen characters in ANT should perform continually to keep the system streaming with no slack or hick up. SCOT doesn't follow an exacting rule on the presentation of the entertainers or the gatherings. In the event that a specific important social gatherings contribution or impact is not exactly the other gathering, all things considered it just gets a couple of changes in the result of the mechanical relic. (Klein, H. K. Kleinman, D. L., 2002) Talking about the poi nt of these speculations, ANT is increasingly about how the systems are shaped as opposed to why they are framed. It doesn't anticipate the result of the socio-specialized ancient rarity anytime. These elements are known as arbiters where the contribution by the on-screen characters can't foresee the result; rather it duplicates or erases the info/object going through system known as tokens or semi objects. (Wikipedia) Whereas SCOT outlines how the social encompassing which incorporate RSG and different on-screen characters offer ascent to a specific curio. Directly from the earliest starting point the result is anticipated or chosen. It acts increasingly like a middle of the road dissimilar to ANT. It doesn't generally make a difference if there are changes that come through in the social encompassing while at the same time constructing the ancient rarity, the recently expected thought of the result would in any case continue as before. (Klein, H. K. Kleinman, D. L., 2002) On the off chance that we study ANT cautiously, the on-screen characters engaged with it are protests as well as a relationship of different components which self establishes a system. To resemble a solitary point entertainer, these components are disentangled or Black boxed. That implies the system on-screen characters are available to new thoughts and their substance can be reevaluated (Gidding, 1999). Reconsidering the substance doesn't exist in SCOT. It restrains the impact of the RSG once the interpretive adaptability starts to bit by bit lessen. This makes it arrive at the expository conclusion, along these lines the elective thought of another plan is dispensed with. (Klein, H. K. Kleinman, D. L., 2002) Following the on-screen character, this technique in ANT propose that the entertainers set their system and the constraints of the system without anyone else. Entertainers in ANT can make their essence separately felt by different on-screen characters (Tatnall Burgess, 2002). As examined before, entertainers can be thought of as a discovery, which has numerous on-screen characters concealing one behind other. So fundamentally all the entertainers can be found at one spot or it very well may be said that all the on-screen characters structure a solitary point on-screen character and this impact is known as Punctualisation (latour, Reassembling the social: a prologue to on-screen character arrange hypothesis, 2005). At the point when a similar technique is contrasted with SCOT, entertainers are followed who are applicable to the innovation and that may prompt another on-screen character who is likewise pertinent to that innovation. The procedure is proceeded till no new entertainers sp ring up. This makes the understanding go to a conclusion. Both of these speculations have a positive and their very own negative side. The greatest disadvantage of SCOT is that it overlooks the impact of the innovation after it has appeared by social determinism. The innovative relic may have been produced for a specific reason. Be that as it may, it is difficult to expect the end-clients to utilize it the manner in which it is assume to be utilized. All things considered, it implies that the impact of the innovation after is has appeared from a social determinism strategy, is gradually molding the general public in its own specific manner. That takes us back to mechanical determinism. (Klein, H. K. Kleinman, D. L., 2002) As we probably am aware RSG takes care of the specialized issues, looking for arrangements, and so forth. We don't have the foggiest idea who chooses the which gathering are applicable social gathering and with the equivalent the social intrigue. It neglects to incorporate the gatherings that have no voice and furthermore the gatherings that will be influenced by the aftereffects of mechanical change and furthermore the gatherings that have been stepped down and prohibited (Prell, Christina, 2009). It additionally neglects to clarify the conditions where one of the important social gatherings genuinely differs to either to the structure or innovative framework or antiquity, and so forth. There is no clarification on how the hypothesis would deal with the differences of the gatherings. Numerous scrutinizes has called attention to on a similar shortcoming of hypothesis that it depicts all the social gatherings on a similar level or sharing equivalent position or force. There is a slight deficiency with the interpretive adaptability once it arrives at the conclusion. It doesn't think back for additional translations later on. (Hard, 1993) Entertainer organize hypothesis treats people and non-people equivalent. It has been contended by numerous pundits that by what means can a non-human be doled out to be an organization. For instance, an innovation must be distinguished on the grounds that we separate it from human entertainers. Advances don't represent themselves nor do they exist outside of procedures of human supposition. Scientifically talking there is no such non-human entertainer to be depicted by ANT. Insect accept that all entertainers, which incorporate the two people and non-people, are equivalent inside the system, and have a similar force. This leaves no space for power flimsiness is left. In this manner the force battles inside the system. Subterranean insect contextual investigations prompts a great deal of futile portrayals that appear to be inconsequential. (Shave Spicer, 2005) Another significant disadvantage of ANT it gets extremely hard to follow the on-screen characters as the analyst would need to get into the profundity of the point for exploring a specific case without knowing where they will lead. As the on-screen characters are dark boxed, the scientist is following just a single on-screen character and would not know whether it would open up further conceivable examination. One of different shortcoming about ANT is that the on-screen characters, ANT requires both the entertainers to perform continually to keep the system streaming. Regardless of whether one falls flat, the entire framework comes up short. (learning-hypotheses, 2008) Discussing the quality of SCOT, one of the in addition to purpose of SCOT is the manner by which it defeats one issue by finding a superior method to receive the innovation. For instance. Bike. There was a ton of discussion on the security and the manner in which it was fabricated or looked. Be that as it may, at that point, the in the long run they embraced it in view of the way that they were quick when it came to speed. They ignored the issue by relating it to another better in addition to highlight the innovation. To consider it, day's end we (people) are the once who are going to utilize the innovation. So doesnt it bode well that we shape the innovation the manner in which we need it? In view of our application we can shape the innovation, SCOT is something that does precisely the equivalent. Not at all like ANT regardless of whether one if the entertainers neglect to play out, the result of the framework or the mechanical ancient rarity doesn't come up short. All things consid ered that specific on-screen character or the gathering will have less impact during the time spent creation the ancient rarity. (Bijker, Hughes, Pinch, 1989) On-screen character organize speculations principle quality would be the means by which it beats both social and specialized determinism. This bodes well in a manner in light of the fact that in a specific innovation, it is difficult to state who assumed the significant job, people or non-people. For example, let us take the case of how the PC appeared. On the off chance that we examine it, the development results from human and innovation. The specialized part of the PC is accomplished by the specialized group which thus is affected by the social foundation. In this manner, what is by all accounts social is halfway specialized and what is by all accounts specialized is somewhat social. (latour, Reassembling the social: a prologue to entertainer organize hypothesis, 2005) Following the entertainers may have been condemned on account of ANT however it has its own positive side as well. When contrasted with SCOT, it doesn't need to move toward every single entertainer of the equivalent revelant gathering. In ANT all the entertainers go about as a solitary point on-screen character which can be found operating at a profit box. (Gidding, 1999)

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Consumer Behaviour Towards Fmcg Free Essays

Customer conduct towards the new bundling of FMCG items. The significance of bundling plan as a vehicle for correspondence and marking is developing in serious markets for bundled FMCG items. This exploration used a center gathering technique to comprehend customer conduct toward such items. We will compose a custom exposition test on Shopper Behavior Towards Fmcg or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now The test for analysts is to coordinate bundling into a powerful buying choice model, by comprehension Consumer’s conduct towards the bundling of FMCG products.When customers scan for and process data coming up, the product’s bundle can contain pertinent and helpful data for the buyer. Item bundling structures the finish of the ‘promotion-chain’ and is close so as to the real buy and may along these lines assume a significant job in foreseeing buyer results. Bundles additionally convey brand recognizable proof and mark data like utilization guidelines, substance, rundown of fixings or crude materials, alerts for use and mandates for care of product.Introduction â€Å"Packaging is the container for a product â€Â encompassing the physical appearance of the  containerâ andâ includingâ theâ design,â color,â shape,â labelingâ andâ materialsâ used† Packaging has an immense task to carry out in the situating of items. Bundle configuration shapes shopper recognitions and can be the deciding element in purpose of-procurement choices which portray most of shopping events as of late the showcasing condition has gotten progressively unpredictable and competitive.A product’s bundling is something which all purchasers experience and which can possibly connect with most of the objective market. This makes it a very incredible and exceptional apparatus in the advanced advertising condition. Notwiths tanding its advantages as far as come to, a few advertisers accept that bundling is in reality more powerful than promoting in affecting shoppers, as it has a more straightforward effect on how they see and experience the item. Inâ mostâ cases,â theâ experienceâ hasâ beenâ thatâ packâ designsâ areâ moreâ likelyâ toâ influenceâ the  consumerâ perceptionâ ofâ theâ brand. † Forâ productsâ withâ lowâ advertisingâ support,â packagingâ takesâ onâ anâ evenâ moreâ significantâ roleâ asâ theâ keyâ vehicleâ forâ communicatingâ theâ brandâ positioning Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), otherwise called Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), are items that are sold rapidly at generally minimal effort. In spite of the fact that the total benefit made on FMCG items is moderately little, they by and large sell in enormous amounts, so the aggregate benefit on such items can be large.Examples of FMCG for the most part incorporate a wide scope of much of the time bought shopper items, for example, toiletries, cleanser, beauty care products, teeth cleaning items, shaving items and cleansers, just as other non-durables, for example, dish sets, lights, batteries, paper items and plastic merchandise. FMCG may likewise incorporate pharmaceuticals, customer bundled food items and beverages. The absolute most popular instances of Fast Moving Consumer G oods organizations include: General Mills, H. J. Heinz, Reckitt Benckiser, Sara Lee, Nestle, Unilever, Procter ; Gamble, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Kleenex, Kraft, Pepsi, Wilkinson and Mars. In contrast to other economy parts, FMCG share drift in a consistent way regardless of worldwide market plunge, since they by and large fulfill rather major †instead of lavish †needs. Reason of the Study Package configuration shapes shopper recognitions and can be the deciding component in pointof-buy choices that’s why named as a Silent Salesman. hile study the buyers conduct with respect to bundling there are different properties like Convenience, Brand name , Esthetic segments , Information it passes (on the most proficient method to deal with, use etc†¦) Packaging impact purchaser to purchase a specific FMCG brand in our investigation we have taken healthy skin , oral consideration , antiperspirants, hair care, beautifying agents that is all home ; individual consideration item we are taken the shoppers observation towards the bundling in safeguarded item and whether the bundling impact client to change from one brand to other brandResearch Methodology Research configuration determines the strategies and techniques for assortment of essential data and its estimations and examination to come to certain significant end result toward the finish of the proposed investigation. We directed this examination with the assistance of Questionnaire and from the underlying stages, to the last structuring of survey; we led our examination through Exploratory examination just as Descriptive exploration Objectives of the Study ? Significant property in our examination Convenience, Brand Name, Esthetic, Information. To discover these Attributes influence Consumer Behavior Significantly. ? Is there any critical distinction between the Variables as there is change in Products. ? To discover the Consumer Attitude towards the new Packaging of Preserved Products. ? Is Packaging Influence Consumer to change starting with one then onto the next Brand. Examination Design Universe of the investigation: Whole populace of Ghaziabad city who visit mother pop stores retail outlets like Big Bazaar, Subhiksha, more†¦ Sampling Design: Sample Size : Sample size of 50 CustomersSampling Technique : As no inspecting edge of the populace was accessible, examples for the examination were picked by utilizing irregular testing because of its time and cost possibility. Collaborated with the clients at irregular on balanced cooperation to pick up the data. Information Collection : An organized survey with rating scale is utilized to gather essential information. Measurable Tools Used : Z †test is utilized as a test to check the various targets Tabulation and Data AnalysisTesting of Hypothesis Objective1: There doesn't exist huge contrast between various properties of bu ndling as to Consumer Behavior Level of essentialness 0. 05 I. e. - 1. 96 to +1. 96 Using Z-Test as Sample Size is Large Z-Test for Proportions: p1 †p2 z= p1q1 + p2q2 n1 Rating †High 1-2 Low 3-4 ATTRIBUTES Convenience Brand Name Esthetic Information LOW 34 13 28 23 HIGH 16 37 22 27 %LOW 68% 26% 56% 46% %HIGH 32% 74% 44% 54% n2H01: There doesn't exist noteworthy contrast between helpful bundling of item as to buyer conduct H02 : There doesn't exist huge distinction between brand name on bundling of item concerning shopper conduct H03: There doesn't exist critical distinction between tasteful segments of bundling of items as to purchaser conduct H04 : There doesn't exist huge distinction between data it passes on bundling of items with respect to customer conduct . 68 â€. 32 z= 68*. 32+. 32*. 68 34 16 = 4Similarly, similar to this for each situation we dismiss or not dismiss theory Reject the invalid speculation as Zcal ;gt; Ztab. Not Reject the invalid speculation as Zcal ;lt; Ztab. Characteristics Convenience Brand name Esthetic parts Information it passes on Interpretation : Z †test esteem 4 5. 47 1. 212 - 0. 80 Significant worth (0. 05) 1. 96 1. 96 1. 96 †1. 96 Null hypothesis(H0) Rejected Not Rejected Not Rejected Since the determined Z ;gt; arranged Z if there should arise an occurrence of accommodation and brand name this shows these characteristics influences purchaser conduct while other two cases tasteful and data doesn't influence as fundamentally as the above two.CONSUMER PRIORITY TOWARDS PACKAGING CONSUMER PRIORITY TOWARD PACKGING 12, 24% 16, 32% PROTECTIVE PACKGING ECO-FRIENDLY PACKGING CONVIENCE PACKGING 8, 16% ALL ABOVE 14, 28% Packaging impact shopper to purchase a specific brand 67% customers are affected by bundling while 33% are not impact by bundling while at the same time settling on the buy choice. No 33% 16 yes no yes 67% 34 Packaging in protected items In saved items bundling assumes an essential job. 44% purchaser inclines toward Long enduring fresher sort bundling of saved products.Factors Keep item clean ; immaculate Keep item in great condition Provide data in regards to fixings Preserve nourishment for long/enduring fresher. Recurrence 10 7 17 22 % rate 20% 14% 22% 44% 20% Clean ; immaculate Good Condition Information Of Ingredients 14% 22% Long Lasting Fresher Packaging impact to switch the brand Only 26% shoppers change from their image as bundling changes where as 74% are not . Truly 26% 13 YES NO 74% 37 Findings ? 67% Consumers are impact by Packaging and 33% are not Influenced ?According to need 24% incline toward Protective Packaging, 16% Eco-accommodating Packaging, 28% Convenience Packaging ; 32% concur for all ? Brand name is exceptionally appraised with 74% and accommodation is evaluated most reduced with 68% in bundling of FMCG items. ? In safeguarded items enduring bundling is generally significant. ? In tasteful parts: a) Material use is most favored b) Shape, si ze ;shading are less favored c) Text ; designs are least favored ? Just 26%of shoppers are impacted by bundling while at the same time changing starting with one brand then onto the next Brand. Proposals Preserved food packs resembles that can be cooked in or kept at home as a re-sealable compartment. ? More accentuation on Visual bundle components . ? Create imaginative bundles. ? Tasteful segments ought to be relieving for the eyes. ? Mark data precisely as shoppers might want it, if simplified.Conclusion The examination work has been effectively finished and it has helped us to comprehend the mentality of the buyers with respect to the bundling of item and the manners by which bundling ought to follow to consistently hold and obtained the clients Bibliography Packaging:- Pluspack report, Nielsen research www. bbc research. om, Ni

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Julius Caesar Theme Essays (1733 words) - , Term Papers

Julius Caesar Theme Act I This first Act contains just three scenes, yet each are significant for some reasons. It starts with two tribunes, Flavius and Murellus, who reprimand ordinary people who march down the road to observe Caesar's triumph over Pompey. The two tribunes disgrace the average citizens for commending the passing of one of Rome's previous pioneers, and they withdraw seriously. On February fifteenth the celebration of Lupecalia is celebrated, and Caesar shows up in the city alongside Antony and Brutus. A soothesayer approaches Caesar and advises him to, Be careful the ides of Walk. Brutus and Cassius remain and speak with one and other. Cassius gripes that Caesar has become so amazing that despite the fact that he once spared Caesar's life, he should now bow before him. Then Caesar comments to Antony that Cassius thinks excessively, and that such men are risky. Later on, Antony offers Caesar the crown multiple times, and multiple times Caesar turns it down. The individuals adored Caesar much more for getting some distance from the crown. There are numerous subtleties in Act I that to what will occur sooner rather than later. Act II In this Act, with the assistance of Brutus, the schemers meet up to truly structure an arrangement to murder Caesar. It starts with Brutus in his nursery who has made up his brain that Caesar must be murdered in light of the fact that Caesar is manhandling his capacity and is climbing excessively far too rapidly. The schemers go to Brutus' home to talk about their arrangement. After they leave, Brutus' better half Portia beseeches him to advise her why he's been so disturbed as of late by wounding herself in the leg. Caesar's better half Calpurnia had a fantasy where Caesar is killed, and she persuades him not to go to the Senate that morning. In any case, Decius shows up at that point and claims that Caesar would be ridiculed on the off chance that he didn't appear. Decius additionally snidely inquires in the event that the Senate ought to be broken down until Calpurnia has a progressively ideal dream. Caesar chooses to go the Senate and is accompanied by the remainder of the schemers alongside Antony. Artemidorus has composed a letter to Caesar containing the names of the considerable number of schemers, and he intends to offer it to Caesar who is on his path to the Senate. The starting phases of Caesar's death have as of now occurred so the last demonstration is unavoidable. Act III This Act can be thought of the peak of the play. Caesar is outside of the Senate house with Antony and the entirety of the plotters when he sees the soothesayer, and discloses to him that the ides of March have come. The soothesayer reacts, Ay Caesar, however not gone. Next, Artemidorus endeavors to give Caesar the letter, yet is impeded by Decius. At that point, Trebonious tricked Antony away with the goal that he may not meddle with the death. Caesar chooses not to concede Metellus Cimber's sibling discharge from expulsion which causes a commotion of dissatisfaction from numerous of the backstabbers. At long last Casca bows down and says, Talk hands for me. They all wound Caesar ordinarily who falls saying, Et tu, Animal! Brutus at that point gives a short discourse of at long last accepting harmony and opportunity. Antony's hireling at that point shows up, and discloses to Brutus that Antony wishes to meet with and realize why it was important to execute Caesar. Antony shows up and mourns the passing of Caesar. Brutus discloses to him that Caesar was devastating the republic and must be expelled from power. Antony claims to be persuaded, and respectfully acknowledges every one of the backstabbers naming them as he shakes their hand. Antony requests consent to take the body to the commercial center, and demonstrate it to the group. Brutus chooses to give his discourse first at the burial service, and permit Antony to talk a while later, as long as he talks decidedly about the plotters which Antony consents to. Brutus and Cassius advise the plebeians to tail them to hear why Caesar was killed. Brutus gives an amazing discourse to open lastly inquires as to whether they need him to end it all to which they answer, Live Brutus, live! Antony gives his discourse straightaway. He presents pictures where Caesar has not been driven, and the group starts to imagine that Caesar was wrongly killed. Antony at that point peruses Caesar's will where Caesar gives each resident seventy-five drachmas. This tosses the group into outrage against all who slaughtered Caesar. Next, Octavius' worker shows up and tells Antony that Octavius is hanging tight for him at Caesar's home. Cinna the writers was meandering through the town, and was assaulted by a horde who

Lee dong wook free essay sample

Its simply that I love the young men such a great amount to where it really damages to tune in to their tunes and see their blessings or vines and recordings and everything and I feel so kicked up on the grounds that I let myself to be overwhelmed by a kid band that doesnt even recognize my reality and theres this piece of me who accepts that one day will have the option to meet them and its Just so kicked up, everything is. I feel so kicking overprotective of them that when I see individuals talking chits about them I would flip. Id protect them and I detest seeing the young men with different young ladies I mean Im k with Lam and Louis young ladies however yet I truly loathe Zany and Peppier I dont even know why and I disdain It when Harry goes out with Taylor Swift and Kendall Jennet and essentially everybody since well on the off chance that you didnt know Im In adoration with him and no one sufficient for him. We will compose a custom article test on Lee dong wook or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Im Just so kicked up, you know, Im 19 and I sense that I ought to be more full grown as opposed to getting sucked Into the entire Direction fantod yet Vive been with the young men since What Makes You Beautiful and I observed the entirety of their video Aries and I know the entirety of their hatchling Inside Jokes and I hung tight for the entirety of their new music recordings and its hard k in light of the fact that the young men have grown up and Im in tears right now.It harms so terrible. I need to give up however I cant. I realize it sounds so inept of me to be crying a direct result of a kid band yet you dont know how I feel k you dont know the connection I feel for them and great god I tune in to the entirety of their melodies I have the entirety of their tunes and its insane its insane its insane! Furthermore, presently Im crying. Since I love the young men to such an extent.

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Yeezus by Kanye West free essay sample

Yeezus There was no doubt as far as I can say in the event that I would compose a survey on melodic collection, it would be Yeezus by Kanye West. This showstopper collection dropped June eighteenth 2013, it is Kanye’s sixth independent collection and what I have seen is each collection continues improving and better. Yeezus was totally different from the rest. Kanye utilizes base shouts, pixelated out blasts, yet in addition smooth soul and anthmic theme that my ears and psyche appreciated. Kanye West has numerous diehard fans that value his music. Notwithstanding, he has numerous haters also that think he’s insane and presumptuous. Individuals need to comprehend that Kanye West isn’t like some other rapper or craftsman. This collection Yeezus is exceptional in light of the fact that it is parity of his life and furthermore his high-vitality outrage with going up against us with different generalizations and issues. I would state Yeezus is his best collection since his first collection College Drop Out. We will compose a custom exposition test on Yeezus by Kanye West or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Giving Yezzus a legitimate survey, I have just five melodies out of the nine that are my undisputed top choices. The main melody â€Å"Bound 2†, which is a solitary is a tune you should have on your I case since its smooth and novel beat with all the sounds out of sight while Ye’ (Kanye) is rapping about the adoration for his life Kim Kardashian. Apparently the best rap melody of 2013, â€Å"New Slaves†, achieves issues of racial generalizations. â€Å"New Slaves† was extremely dubious, yet it was regular and genuine it made your head gesture concurring with Ye’s horrible conveyance all through the melody. The last 3 tunes that I energetically suggest from Yeezus are â€Å"Black Skinhead†, â€Å"On Sight†, and â€Å"Blood on the Leaves†. Generally, Yeezus is one of my preferred rap/hip jump collections of 2013 and that being said I give it a 92 out of 100.

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Understanding Suicidal Thoughts in Teens

Understanding Suicidal Thoughts in Teens Depression Suicide Print Understanding Suicidal Ideation in Teens When Teenagers Have Suicidal Thoughts By Kathryn Rudlin, LCSW Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Daniel B. Block, MD on November 25, 2019 twitter linkedin Daniel B. Block, MD, is an award-winning, board-certified psychiatrist who operates a private practice in Pennsylvania. Learn about our Medical Review Board Daniel B. Block, MD Updated on February 01, 2020 Diverse Images / UIG / Getty Images More in Depression Suicide Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Types Childhood Depression Information presented in this article may be triggering to some people. If you are having suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for support and assistance from a trained counselor. If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, call 911 immediately. Suicidal ideation, sometimes referred to as suicidal thoughts, describes thoughts, fantasies, ideas or images related to committing suicide. Contrary to common belief, depression and suicidal thoughts are not limited to adults, but symptoms and warning signs are often different in teens. As a parent, caregiver or friend, the most important thing you can do to support a loved one who is struggling is to learn to recognize what suicidal ideation is, what it looks like in teens, and how to intervene. Passive vs. Active Suicidal Ideation For teens, thoughts of suicide can range from fleeting to making actual plans to end their life. For this reason, mental health professionals discuss suicidal ideation in terms of being either passive or active. Passive suicidal ideation about suicide includes experiencing vague ideas about committing suicide. Suicide is viewed as a possible way to end the pain, but usually, no action is taken. Active suicidal ideation is when a teen experiences persistent thoughts of suicide and continues to feel hopeless. When the ideation is active, a teen begins to take steps to carry out a suicide attempt. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death for children, teens, and young adults between the ages of 10 and 24.   Teen Suicide Statistics What Causes Suicidal Thinking in Teens?   Suicidal ideation in teens is often caused by untreated depression or drug misuse and always needs to be taken seriously. Suicidal thoughts and depression often have many causes. Social difficulties, stress, academic pressures, and other concerns facing teens may contribute to suicidal ideation. Other risk factors include: Poor social relationshipsLack of family supportPhysical or sexual abuseSubstance and alcohol misuseHealth issuesBullying Genetic factors can play a role in depression and suicide risk as well. Teen that experience suicidal thoughts are often more likely to have family members who have died by suicide.?? The Dangers of Untreated Depression in Teens Warning Signs of Suicidal Thoughts There are quite a few signs that your teenager may be experiencing suicidal ideation. Be on the lookout for: Isolation and withdrawing from social contact, especially if its suddenBeing self-destructive or engaging in risk-taking behaviorsLooking for and/or acquiring means to commit suicide, such as getting a gun or a lot of medicationExtreme mood swingsFrequently talking about death or dyingSaying things like, I wish I were dead or I wish I had never been bornGiving away possessions for no particular reasonExpressing hopelessness or a feeling of being trapped with no way outChanges in sleeping, eating or other patternsMaking a point to say goodbye to peopleBeginning to use alcohol and/or drugs, or using them more frequentlyChanging obvious characteristics of their personalityBecoming extremely agitated, upset, depressed and/or anxious Remember, warning signs can be different for every individual, and some teens keep these thoughts and feelings to themselves. If you feel like your teenager is showing any of these signs or are not acting like themselves, be sure to consult your physician as soon as possible. Early intervention is important with any mental illness, and if suicide is something your teen is considering, its an emergency situation.   Teen Suicide Warning Signs and Prevention An Example of Suicidal Ideation Ivana, age 15, feels very sad when her best friend moves away and she experiences a deep sense of loneliness and insecurity. One night she finds herself thinking about suicide as a way to end the painful feelings she is having. She pictures herself taking a bottle of pills and drifting into a deep sleep she will not wake up from. When she wakes up the next day her suicidal ideation has changed, she knows it’s an option but is feeling better and decides to call a friend she hasn’t spoken to in a while. What to Do If a teen is experiencing suicidal thoughts, there are steps that parents, friends and guardians can take. For parents: Keep guns and prescription drugs away from children and teens.Watch for signs of substance use and get help immediately if you suspect there is a problem.Talk openly with your teen and let them know that you recognize their pain.Be supportive, understanding and nonjudgmental.Know the warning signs of suicide and depression. Address Untreated Mental Illness If your teen has symptoms of depression, anxiety or another psychiatric condition, talk to your childs pediatrician. While most people with mental health conditions do not attempt suicide, having an undiagnosed or untreated condition along with other risk factors can make suicide more likely. Never Ignore or Make Light of Suicide Threats Dont dismiss suicidal talk as typical teen drama. If a child is making comments such as I might as well kill myself or I wish I was dead, you need to listen and acknowledge their pain. Let them know that you understand that they are hurting, you are there to offer support and you will help them get the help that they need. Get Them the Help They Need If you are a parent or guardian, talk to your childs pediatrician and get a referral to a professional mental health provider. Your childs doctor or therapist may recommend psychotherapy, medications and lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risk of suicide. If you are a teen and you are concerned that your friend is thinking about suicide: Take signs of suicide seriously.Encourage your friend to talk to their doctor or a trusted adult.Talk to a teacher, parent or another adult about your friend and your concerns. How to Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Wondering What Admissions Directors Say About Admissions

Applying to graduate school and overwhelmed by your options? Dont know how to find the right  program for you? Or  have you already found your dream program,  and need guidance for applying successfully? For the past few years, Linda Abraham has been interviewing the director of admissions at top graduate programs on the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast. Here is a collection of enlightening podcast episodes that will help you discover  some fascinating programs learn what the admissions directors are looking for when they review applications. Listen, enjoy, and apply successfully! London Business School Early Career Programs Jamie Wright, Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager   Too Old for an MBA? Check Out 3 Outstanding MBA   EMBA Alternatives Stephen Sacca, Director, MIT Sloan Fellows Program; Silvia McCalliser-Castillo, Director, LBS  EMBA-Global and Sloan Programmes; Mike Hochleutner, Director, Stanford MSx Program HBX CORe Patrick Mullane, Executive Director MIT Sloan’s Master in Business Analytics Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas, Co-Director UC Irvine MD/MBA   Dr. Maria Chandler, Founder and Faculty Advisor   Schwarzman Scholars Program Dr. Rob Garris, Global Director UVA MS in Global Commerce Cyndy Huddleston, Associate Dean, Graduate Admissions Corporate Relations The Lauder Institute Dr. Marcy Bevan Kara Keenan Sweeney, Directors of Admission Emory’s Juris Master Program Dr. Lynn Labuda, Director of Emorys Juris Master Program CEMS Global Alliance, MiM Roland Siegers, Executive Director Harvard Kennedy School Matt Clemons, Director of Admissions at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Texas AM EnMed Dr. M. Katherine Banks,  Vice Chancellor for Engineering for The Texas AM University System Kellogg School of Management MBA   MSMS Programs Melissa Rapp, Director of Admissions How to  Think Like a Dean of Admissions Carol Drummer, Former Dean of Graduate  Admissions For a varied menu of thought-provoking and informative conversations with industry leaders, test prep experts, current students, and more, check out the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast: For 25 years, Accepted has helped applicants gain acceptance to top master’s and PhD programs. Our team of admissions consultants features former admissions directors, PhDs, and professional writers who have guided our clients to acceptance at top programs worldwide including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Cambridge, Oxford, McGill, HKUST, and many more.   Want an admissions expert  to help you get Accepted? Click here to get in touch!